Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The CAC Executive, at this time, has decided for the safety of everyone that there will be no sale of any kind of tickets. Any envelopes that we receive this week and going forward will be returned to sender.

The team apologies, and feels this is best at this time. We will update details on when we will be able to start selling again when they become available.

Thank you for understanding, and stay safe.

Upcoming CAC Events

Below is a list of events that CAC will be offering the membership for 2019-2020

This document can also be downloaded here.

Calgary Area Council 2019-2020.pdf

*Please note that the following information is subject to change as per business conducted at Membership Meetings, including the AGM and as determined by your elected CAC Executive Team.*

*Please Note

Don't have an AUPE Membership Card? Contact 1-800-232-7284 to request one be sent to you or download the AUPE App directly to your phone.

For each of the events, please refer to the poster for instructions on how to obtain your ticket(s).

All tickets for our events are sold on a first-come first-served basis.  As determined at Membership Meetings, events may have a maximum amount of tickets available per member. Mark your calendar for the next AGM and bring any ideas for events you'd like to see offered. 

Membership Ticket Collection Form

Here is the form that you can record your coworkers information on to purchase tickets in-person for other members of your worksite.

member collection sheet.xlsx